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  • Hatchet for splitting bamboo
  • Fendre le bambou en deux
  • Hachette pour fendre le bambou
  • Outil de travail du bambou

Hatchet for Splitting the Bamboo in Two | Bamboo Working Tool

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    Hatchet for cutting bamboo lengthwise

    This tool was designed to cut a bamboo lengthwise easily.

    You can therefore split the bamboo in 2 or in several strips easily with this tool.

    To use it, make a first jerk on the end of the bamboo to plant it. Then you can either use a hammer and tap the end to drive it into the bamboo lengthwise, or you can put the bamboo against a wall and jerk it like with the bamboo slicer.

    This tool for cutting bamboo lengthwise is made of carbon steel so that you can sharpen it easily, and have the strength of cut a dry bamboo. It is part of the series of bamboo working tools available on Pandam.

    Dimensions - Characteristics

    Total length 37 cm
    Blade length 23 cm
    Width  8,5 cm
    Thickness 0,5 cm
    Material Carbon steel
    Hardness 60 + 2 HRC
    Weight 650 grams