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Tools for Making Thin Bamboo Slats | Bamboo work

    • € 49,95

    Tool for Making Thin Bamboo Slats 

    Your tool includes:

    • 1 removable base
    • 2 pliers
    • 8 keys
    • 14 spare blades

    If you want to work with bamboo, this tool will be very useful for cutting thin strips of bamboo. Thanks to its integrated ruler, you can also adjust the width of the slats you cut.

    Attention, this tool is used after having refined the bamboo slats with our dedicated machine.

    Delivery: As with the whole series of bamboo splitting tools the delivery time is around 7-10 days because my manufacturer ships them directly.

    Dimensions of this bamboo working tool

    Base length  75 mm
    Base width  75 mm
    Base thickness  15 mm
    Flattener length  75 mm