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Pandam Bambou is a company that sells bamboo seeds, bamboo stems, tools for working with bamboo and other products in the field of bamboo created by Mathieu Gilard.

Pandam Bambou was born of the collaboration between Mathieu Gilard, agricultural engineer and manager of Moso bamboo plantations in France, and 3 bamboo professionals in China.

We wish to offer top-quality seeds, plants and other bamboo products to the greatest number of people possible.

Mathieu has also created the bamboo expertise site https://bambouenfrance.fr, la Bamboo Youtube channel in France, sOn which you can find all the information available on bamboo in France.

How are our bamboo seeds harvested?

Our seeds are harvested in natural bamboo plantations.

Once they begin to blossom, the flowering bamboo culms are cut down to collect the seed-filled branches.

The branches are then beaten to gather the seeds.

The various stages of the process are illustrated in the following images: