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  • Bamboo Splitter
  • Fendoir à bambou pour couper le bambou en lamelles
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  • Outil fendoir à bambou
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  • Lamelles de bambou sec fendoir à bambou

The Pandam ™ Bamboo Slat Cleaver | Bamboo Splitting Tool

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    Bamboo cleaver or "Bamboo Splitter"

    After several months of research for a resistant tool to cut bamboo into strips, we have selected for you a craftsman offering a tool for splitting sturdy high quality bamboo.

    The "bamboo slicer"Or"Bamboo Splitter"allows you to cut bamboo lengthwise into strips of different widths depending on the model chosen.

    3 models are available:

    - With 4 blades
    - With 8 blades
    - With 12 blades

    Important note: The bamboo cleaver and other tools in the series for making bamboo slats will be sent to you directly from the manufacturer, so it takes longer to process and ship (total 10-12 days).


    Bamboo splitter dimensions

    - Diameter: 16 cm
    - Height cm 8,5
    - Sleeve length: 11 cm
    - Length between the 2 ends of the sleeves: 38 cm
    - Weight: 2 kg

    Using the bamboo splitter

    To use a bamboo cleaver or "Bamboo Splitter", simply:

    1. Plant the bamboo splitter in the center of the bamboo section
    2. Use a jerking motion to push it in (the best is to place the bamboo canes against a wall)
    3. Push the bamboo splitter all the way down
    4. This is how you get your bamboo slats!