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  • Dendrocalamus asper
  • Graines de bambou Dendrocalamus asper
  • Dendrocalamus asper
  • Germination des graines de bambou Dendrocalamus asper
  • Graines de bambou Dendrocalamus asper

Bamboo seeds Dendrocalamus asper | Non Tracing

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    Dendrocalamus asper: characteristics

      Latin name Dendrocalamus asper
      Rhizomes Non-tracing
      Seed color Light brown
      Origin Myanmar
      Adult size 20-30 meters
      Poles diameter 15-20 cm
      Hardiness - 5 ° C
      Seed length 4 6-mm
      Seed width 2 3-mm
      Germination temperature 20 ° C to 30 ° C


      Le Dendrocalamus asper is a tropical bamboo native to Southeast Asia. It is commonly found in China, India, and for less time in Latin America and the United States. It forms dense clumps and it is a bamboo with non-tracing rhizomes.

      In its areas of origin, it can reach more than 30 meters high for more than 20 centimeters in diameter.

      It is used a lot for the realization of constructions. Its young shoots can be eaten and are delicious. It is probably the 2nd most popular bamboo species in China after Moso.

      Our Dendrocalamus asper have a fairly high germination rate, and can germinate in 7-10 days under good conditions.

      In addition to your bamboo seeds, you will receive a bamboo seed germination guide with your seeds.

      Bamboo seed germination guide

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