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  • Fargesia fungosa
  • Feuilles du bambou fargesia fungosa
  • Fargesia fungosa, un bambou non traçant
  • Bambou non traçant fargesia fungosa
  • Les graines de bambou non traçant Fargesia fungosa germent bien
  • Germination de graines de bambou Fargesia fungosa
  • Graines de bambou non traçant Fargesia fungosa

Bamboo seeds Fargesia fungosa | Non Tracing

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    Fargesia fungosa: Specifications

    Latin name Fargesia fungosa
    Rhizomes Not tracing
    Seed color Brown-black
    Origin Myanmar
    Adult size 2 to 4 meters
    Poles diameter 1 to 3 cm
    Hardiness -15 ° C
    Exhibition Sun, partial shade
    Germination rate 40-50%
    Seed length 6 8-mm
    Seed width 1 3-mm
    Germination temperature 20 ° C to 30 ° C


    Le Fargesia fungosa is a temperate bamboo which can reach 2 to 4 meters as an adult, with canes ranging in diameter from 1 to 3 centimeters. It is a non-tracing bamboo which therefore does not require the installation of an anti-rhizome barrier.

    You can use bamboo Fargesia fungosa for ornamental purposes, and it is very well adapted to the European climate. It can be used to make a hedge, to hide an overlook, or simply to put in a garden.

    Non-tracing bamboo seeds Fargesia fungosa germinate after 7-12 days and can reach a germination rate of 50%.

    In addition to your bamboo seeds, you will receive a bamboo seed germination guide with your seeds.

    Fargesia fungosa non-tracing bamboo seed germination guide