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  • Fargesia robusta bamboo seeds germinate quickly

Bamboo Seeds Fargesia robusta Campbell | Non Tracing

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    Fargesia robusta bamboo seeds are not available and they will not be available for several years. You can consult our collection of bamboo seeds currently available here.

    Bamboo seeds Fargesia robusta

    Latin name Fargesia robusta
    Rhizomes Non-tracing
    Seed color Brown-black
    Adult size 3 to 6 meters
    Poles diameter 1 to 3 cm
    Hardiness - 20 ° C
    Exhibition Sun, partial shade
    Germination rate 20-40%
    Seed length 6 8-mm
    Seed width 1 3-mm
    Germination temperature 20 ° C to 30 ° C


    Fargesia robusta is a temperate bamboo perfect for making a hedge, for hiding you from vis à vis, etc. It has the advantage of being straighter and taller than other Fargesia such as Fargesia nitida. Its foliage is dark green with light green culms. It is easily recognized thanks to the sheaths of its culms which persist long enough before wilting, which gives a checkerboard effect.

    There is no bamboo seeds Fargesia robusta because it has not bloomed in recent years. Bamboos have long flowering cycles, averaging 40 to 120 years for most species. Thus, there will be Fargesia robusta bamboo seeds when it has germinated.

    In addition to your bamboo seeds, you will receive a Fargesia robusta bamboo seed germination guide.

    Bamboo seed germination guide Fargesia robusta