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  • Bamboo seeds Phyllostachys bisetii

Bamboo seeds Phyllostachys bissetii

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    Phyllostachys bissetii bamboo seeds are not available and will not be available for several years. You can consult our collection of bamboo seeds currently available here.

    Bamboo seeds Phyllostachys bissetii

    Latin name Phyllostachys bisetii
    Rhizomes Tracers
    Adult size 3 to 6 meters
    Poles diameter 3 to 4 cm
    Hardiness - 20 ° C
    Exhibition Sun, partial shade
    Germination temperature 20 ° C to 30 ° C
    Origin China


    Phyllostachys bisetii is one of the most resistant bamboos, ideal for forming a plant screen quickly. It is a small" Phyllostachys which will rarely exceed 6 meters in height. Its foliage is very dense and will therefore allow you to quickly hide from one opposite, for example. Finally, you can grow it in a pot since it is tough and small.

    - bamboo seeds Phyllostachys bisetii are not available because this bamboo has not recently bloomed. If you want to have bamboo seeds Phyllostachys bisetii, we must therefore wait for the next flowering. Do not hesitate to consult our collection of bamboo seeds to see our bamboo seeds Phyllostachys availables.

    In addition to your bamboo seeds, you will receive a bamboo seed germination guide Phyllostachys bisetii.

    Bamboo seed germination guide Phyllostachys bisetii