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  • Giant Moso Bamboo Seeds
  • Les graines de bambou géant Moso Phyllostachys edulis en sachet.
  • Bambou Géant Moso dont la taille de l'entrenoeud est mesurée par Lihua.
  • Graines de bambou géant moso Phyllostachys edulis.
  • Graines de bambou géant Moso qui ont germé et formé des petits plants de bambou Moso.
  • Forêt de bambou géant Phyllostachys edulis en Bretagne

MOSO Giant Bamboo Seeds Phyllostachys edulis

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     Giant Moso Bamboo Seeds

    [High quality Moso bamboo seeds from the late 2020 harvests]

    Latin name Phyllostachys edulis
    Seed color Light brown
    Origin China
    Adult size 15-25 meters
    Poles diameter 8-16 cm
    Hardiness -20 ° C
    Seed harvesting period: 2019
    Germination rate 40%
    Seed length 15 20-mm
    Seed width 2 mm
    Germination temperature 18 ° C to 25 ° C


    Le Phyllostachys edulis is the most represented bamboo species in China with more than 5 million hectares of surface covered. It's a bamboo suitable for temperate climates which can reach 25 meters in height for culms with a diameter of 12 to 16 cm.

    Its bamboo shoots are edible (edulis means edible in Latin) and its culms are used in construction and furnishing. In China, more than 80% of the bamboo surface is made up of Moso.

    Moso bamboo is the ideal specie if you want to cultivate bamboo for the shoots and the poles.

    Moso bamboo seeds Phyllostachys edulis seeds begin to germinate after about 7-10 days depending on temperature and humidity conditions.

    In addition to your bamboo seeds, you will receive a bamboo seed germination guide Moso with your seeds.

    Moso Giant Bamboo Seed Germination Guide

    1. Soak the seeds of the giant Moso bamboo in a glass of water for 48 hours maximum

    To trigger germination quickly, you should soak giant bamboo seeds in water for 36 hours to 48 hours.

    They will float at first, then gradually sink downward over the hours.


    2. Remove the husks from the giant bamboo seeds

    To facilitate the germination of giant bamboo seeds, you can remove the lemmas surrounding the seeds. This is not a mandatory step, but it makes germination easier and allows you to observe it better.

    3. Put 4-5 layers of paper in a soaked paper box

    It is important that the substrate is well soaked at all times so that the seeds of the giant Moso bamboo germinate well.

    4. Place the giant Moso bamboo seeds on the soaked paper

    You can lay the seeds in a line with a spacing of about 1 centimeter.


    5. Close the box (leave an air inlet)

    To close the box, you can use pierced cellophane or put a cover on the box without completely closing it.

    Air must be able to pass to prevent mold growth.

    You can leave the lid on, but the water will evaporate much faster and you will need to spray water several times a day.

    6. Put the seeds in a dark place

    Avoid placing giant bamboo seeds in direct sunlight to limit evaporation. Put them in a dark room at a temperature of 20 ° C to 24 ° C.

    7. Spray water if the substrate dries up.

    Feel free to use a water spray to re-moisten the seeds if they dry out.

    8. After 5-10 days, the seeds of the giant Moso bamboo will germinate!

    Germination of bamboo seeds in video:


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