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Bamboo Pergola Kit (240 cm x 240 cm)

    • € 199,00
    New arrival at the start of 2021.

    Your bamboo pergola kit

    With the heat of summer, what better than bamboo pergola to be able to enjoy its exterior?

    On Pandam, we offer you a pergola kit to assemble yourself. The assembly is very simple, you can watch our video "How to assemble a bamboo pergola" below to learn more.

    Your bamboo pergola kit contains:

    - 4 bamboo sections diameter 10-11 cm 240 cm
    - 11 bamboo sections 6-7 cm
    - 7 threaded rods
    - 32 acorn nuts
    - 32 nuts
    - 32 washers

    If you choose theoption with bamboo roof, you will also receive:

    - 10 pieces of bamboo 10-11 cm (If you want the sections to be already cut into strips when they arrive at your home, you can send me an email at mathieu@pandam-bamboo.com)

    - 10 meters of wire

    You can also make the roof of your bamboo pergola with a white canvas for example, or with straw.

    Also, you can order:

    - The bamboo slicer 4 slats (sent separately, longer delivery time 15-20 days). If you don't have a cleaver, you can use a sickle and a hammer, for example, to make the slats.

    Delivery time for the pergola kit 3 5 days in
    Shipping location Drouges (South of Rennes)
    Any question ? mathieu@pandam-bamboo.com


    Pandam bamboo sections

    - Collection from the best bamboo stands in China, in Fujian province
    - Natural drying of sections in the open air
    - Controlled humidity level for excellent product quality
    - Sea transport in refrigerated containers and packed in bags to prevent mold

    How to build the bamboo pergola?