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Bamboo Pergola Kit (240 cm x 240 cm)

    • € 199,00
    With or without the bamboo sections for the roof?

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    Your bamboo pergola kit

    With the heat of summer, what better than bamboo pergola to be able to enjoy its exterior?

    On Pandam, we offer you a pergola kit to assemble yourself. The assembly is very simple, you can watch our video "How to assemble a bamboo pergola" below to learn more.

    Your bamboo pergola kit contains:

    - 4 bamboo sections diameter 8-9 cm 240 cm
    - 11 bamboo sections 5-6 cm
    - 7 threaded rods
    - 32 acorn nuts
    - 32 nuts
    - 32 washers

    If you choose theoption with bamboo roof, you will also receive:

    - 10 pieces of bamboo 8-9 cm (If you want the sections to be already cut into strips when they arrive at your home, you can send me an email at mathieu@pandam-bamboo.com)

    - 10 meters of wire

    You can also make the roof of your bamboo pergola with a white canvas for example, or with straw.

    Also, you can order:

    - The bamboo slicer 4 slats (sent separately, longer delivery time 15-20 days). If you don't have a cleaver, you can use a sickle and a hammer, for example, to make the slats.

    Delivery time for the pergola kit 3 5 days in
    Shipping location Drouges (South of Rennes)
    Any question ? mathieu@pandam-bamboo.com


    Pandam bamboo sections

    - Collection from the best bamboo stands in China, in Fujian province
    - Natural drying of sections in the open air
    - Controlled humidity level for excellent product quality
    - Sea transport in refrigerated containers and packed in bags to prevent mold

    How to build the bamboo pergola?