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  • Kogatana - Tool for working bamboo
  • Kogatana - travail du bambou
  • Outil travail bambou
  • Kogatana pour travailler le bambou
  • Outil de travail du bambou

Kogatana (Full Tang) | Small Japanese Knife | Bamboo Work Tool

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    Kogatana - Tool for working bamboo

    Le kogatana or "petit saber" in French ("ko" means "small") is a small very sharp Japanese knife which can be very useful to you for working with bamboo. It is a fixed blade knife.

    This Kogatana model is curved for a better grip.

    You can use it mainly for 3 things:

    • Refine the bamboo strips into very thin strips, less than 1 mm thick
    • Divide the bamboo strips into narrower strips
    • Remove the knot from the bamboo canes to give them a smooth appearance

    Formerly the kogatana had many uses: prune, cut, and it also served as a weapon.

    Be careful, the blade of the kogatana is very sharp. It is strongly recommended to put protections to use it.

    Dimensions of the Kogatana

    2,7 cm 
    Blade length 6,5 cm
    Total length 19 cm


    Dimensions of the Kogatana - Tool for working bamboo