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  • By cutting a section of dry bamboo into 4 or 8, you can get beautiful bamboo strips.
  • Lamelles de bambou
  • Lamelles de tronçons de bambou sec
  • Lamelles de cannes bambou
  • Lamelles de bambou
  • Lamelles de canne de bambou - Tronçons de bambou
  • Lamelles de Bambou Sec L 3-5 cm l 200 cm | Tronçons de bambou sec

Dry Bamboo Slats L 3-5 cm l 200 cm | Dry bamboo sections

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    Dry bamboo strips

    Minimum order: 4 units

    You can directly order strips of dry bamboo sections with a width of 5 to 7 centimeters and a length of 200 cm.

    For any length less than 200 cm, you can send an email to mathieu@pandam-bamboo.com

    Dry bamboo cane slats can have many uses:

    • Make a pergola roof
    • Decorate a wall
    • Make a bench, a gate, a fence, etc ...
    • Serve as arches in the garden to maintain greenhouses
    • Etc. ..

    Cut a dry bamboo cane into strips

    You can also directly order our dry bamboo canes of different diameters and cut them into strips by yourself.

    To divide a bamboo into strips, it is best to use a bamboo slicer like the one we offer on Pandam.