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  • Machine for making thin bamboo slats
  • Lamelle de bambou fine
  • Cette machine permet d'affiner les lamelles de bambou

Bamboo Slats Refining Machine | Bamboo work

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    Machine for refining bamboo slats

    This machine makes it possible to divide bamboo strips in the transverse direction to obtain several bamboo strips of thinner thickness.

    How does it work?

    1. Enter slats of a divided bamboo with your bamboo slicer. The slats must have a maximum thickness of 12 mm to enter the machine.

    2. Turn the crank

    3. You obtain a strip with the adjusted thickness, choose: 0.6 1.3-mm ou 1.2 2-mm

    4. Repeat the operation until you get the desired number of coverslips from your initial coverslip.

    5. Then you can divide the slats in the longitudinal direction using the dedicated machine.

    Important delivery: This series of machines (with the bamboo cleaver and the other slat splitting machine) being very specific, we have no stock in France and the machine will therefore be sent to you directly by our partner on site in China. The delivery time is therefore 8 to 12 days.