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  • Bamboo mulching
  • Paillage pour Bambou | 40 litres | Paillis pour Bambou Pandam

Mulching for Bamboo | 40 liters | Mulch for Bamboo Pandam

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    Ideal mulching for bamboo

    This bamboo mulch is mainly made from crushed hardwood. 

    The bag contains 40 liters of mulch, allowing you to mulch 2 bamboo plants.

    Conseils d'utilization:

    1. Weeding the earth at the foot of the bamboo trees
    2. Spread the bamboo mulch that it covers the ground with about 5 centimeters of thickness. 
    3. Water your bamboo if the soil is not already wet

    Mulching can be put on your bamboo throughout the year. In autumn and winter, it will protect the rhizome-root system from the cold, and in spring and summer, it will conserve humidity and limit weeding.

    Warning on the photo it is a 100 liter bag but for shipments it is in 40 liter bags otherwise the shipping costs are too high.

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    Why use bamboo mulch?

    When you put a young bamboo in the ground, or even for a bamboo already established for a few years, mulching has several functions:

    • Retain moisture at the feet of the bamboo
    • Limit the development of weeds
    • Protect the rhizome-root system in winter
    • Provide organic matter
    • Improve soil structure
    • Give a decorative aspect

    For all these reasons, it is highly recommended to put a mulch at the feet of your bamboo.

    Which bamboo mulch to choose?

    The best mulches for bamboo are mulch and hemp. The important thing is to have a mulch which provides organic matter and which is not acidifying.

    This special bamboo mulch can also be used for all the other plants in your garden.