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  • Protect potted bamboo in winter with a greenhouse
  • Cette serre permet de protéger votre bambou en pot l'hiver
  • Protéger un bambou en pot l'hiver grâce à une serre de protection
  • Vous pouvez mettre votre bambou à l'abri du froid l'hiver grâce à cette serre de protection
  • Protection d'un bambou en pot l'hiver grâce à une serre.
  • Protéger son bambou en pot l'hiver est important
  • Raccord de la bâche de protection
  • Cadre pour poser la bâche de protection
  • Colis avec le matériel pour protéger son bambou en pot l'hiver

Winter Protection Greenhouse for Potted Bamboos | Pandam

    • € 44,95

    The greenhouse to protect your potted bamboo in winter

    With this tough and waterproof greenhouse, you can easily protect your potted bamboo from the cold in winter. You can open and close it in 2 seconds thanks to the zippers. Its sturdy protective cover will protect your bamboo from the cold outside and from the icy wind that can damage its leaves.

    This product includes:

    • A stainless steel frame
    • Gaskets to fix the frame
    • A tarpaulin 
    • An assembly manual


    Width  Width
    150 cm 100 cm 50 cm


    This greenhouse is ideal for protecting your potted bamboo in winter on a terrace or on a balcony for example. There is just enough room for 1-3 pots.

    Important: Even in winter, bamboo has need water even if it does not develop during this period. Under the greenhouse, it will be sheltered from the rain because the protective cover is waterproof. You must therefore continue to water your bamboo occasionally so that it does not dry out.

    Why protect your potted bamboo from the cold in winter?

    Even if most bamboo species sold in France are resistant to cold in winter, some remain sensitive and are even more so in a pot.

    Indeed, the temperatures inside a pot can drop much lower than in the ground, exposing the rhizome-root system of bamboo to the test, and being able to even cause its death.

    There are several possibilities to protect your potted bamboo in winter. You can bring it in when it's too cold, or you can bury it.

    But a simpler solution is to put it in a mini protective greenhouse.


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