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  • Large diameter bamboo sections
  • Tronçons de bambou sec
  • Cannes de bambou gros diamètre
  • Tronçons de bambou sec
  • tronçons de bambou sec | tiges de bambou
  • Tronçons de bambou sec
  • Chaumes de bambou géant Moso
  • Forêt de bambou moso

Natural bamboo stems | Dry bamboo sections (Moso) | Cannes Bamboo (2020)

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    Natural bamboo stems

    New arrival of bamboo sections at the start of 2022. You can already reserve your diameters and lengths by sending an email to mathieu@pandam-bamboo.com

    🛈 If you wish to order bamboo sections of more than 200 cm you can send me an email at mathieu@pandam-bamboo.com because there are special delivery methods (large packages).

    Length  100 cm, 150 cm, 200 cm or more on request (+/- 0,5 cm)
    Shipping DHL or UPS - Delivery time 2 to 4 days
    Storage area Retiers (south of Rennes)

    - "bamboo stems" ou "sections dry bamboo " from Pandam are harvested in the province of Fujian in China.

    They are cut in China according to the length requested and transported to our storage warehouse south of Rennes in Brittany.

    All dry bamboo canes are checked upon arrival at the warehouse and before delivery to ensure the best possible quality.

    After passing through a drying chamber which allows the bamboo sections to reach a humidity below 15% in less than 3 days, they are exposed to the sun, which allows to have a beautiful color "tanned" natural on dry bamboo stubble.

    Your guarantees on bamboo stems

     Why choose Pandam for your bamboo stems ?

    1. Collection in the best bamboo stands in China, in the province of Fujian

    2. Natural drying of bamboo sections in the open air after passing through a drying chamber

    3. Controlled humidity level for excellent product quality

    4. Maritime transport of bamboo canes in refrigerated containers and packed in bags to prevent mold

    5. 100% satisfaction guarantee of the quality received: If a section does not meet your expectations, you send it back to us and it is fully reimbursed

    Use of dry bamboo stalks

    - dry bamboo stalks can have many uses. You can for example make a bamboo pergola (See our "bamboo pergola kit"), a bamboo bench, a table, a hammock frame, etc ...

    You can also make bamboo strips to make hoops, arches, etc.

    In China, it is common to see scaffolding made with dry bamboo stalks: Indeed, bamboo is known to be stronger in compression than concrete and stronger in traction than certain steel fibers!

    You can contact me at mathieu@pandam-bamboo.com before making your purchase of dried bamboo stretch for any inquiries.